The Mason Pierce blog contains brief episodes from Agent Mason Pierce's career as a US Air Force Special Forces operative before he joins the CIA and his early years with the Central Intelligence Agency. These precede the as of yet unpublished book Mason Pierce: Assassination.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Short Fight Scene Excerpt

Now that Mason had a gun drawn, the Chinese agent needed to act quickly. He lunged forwards and grabbed Mason’s arm, throwing the gun into the canal. Mason managed to shoot him in the shoulder when he lunged and he let off two rounds while the gun was being wrestled over. The agent twisted Mason’s arm so as to break it but Mason reversed the hold while kneeing him in the crotch.
The man doubled over and Mason was about to finish him when the agent brought his leg over Mason’s head and pushed him away. Both agents rolled away from each other and assumed a basic stance with one foot forward, one foot back, and their weight evenly distributed on the balls of their feet.
The Chinese agent came forwards with a powerful punch directly into Mason’s solar plexus, but Mason performed an elbow block and stepped in towards him. Mason then placed a hand on the agent’s side and another on his shoulder and threw him backwards into to the ground. Unfortunately, the agent had grabbed Mason’s arm and pulled him downward so Mason planted both hands next to the agents head and did a cartwheel over his body.
Mason ran forwards as the Chinese agent rolled back and stood up. However, in the time that it took the agent to jump to his feet, Mason was upon him. Mason leaped forwards and grabbed the agent’s right arm. He twisted it into a contorted position and tried to break it, but the agent performed a counterattack and sent Mason sprawling.

Expertly Choreographed by Derek Zeoli