The Mason Pierce blog contains brief episodes from Agent Mason Pierce's career as a US Air Force Special Forces operative before he joins the CIA and his early years with the Central Intelligence Agency. These precede the as of yet unpublished book Mason Pierce: Assassination.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hello, minuscule fanbase! I'm taking the liberty to mention a couple new items for the book and blog. As per the suggestion of a reader, we are in the process of creating a Mason Pierce Facebook page, which will hopefully be up by the end of this weekend. In addition, I have added a "Share on Facebook/Twitter" button to the sidebar to allow you to quickly notify others of this blog.

Remember, the whole point of this blog is to publicize us to give us a better chance of getting published (by the way, if you haven't seen, I've posted Chapter One of Mason Pierce on the blog for your viewing pleasure). We're very glad that a few people are in fact reading the blog and enjoying it, but other than one fellow in Naperville, Illinois (thank you very much, Sir or Ma'am), all visits have been centralized around Derek's and my hometowns, and the visitors are probably people I see every day and can talk to myself. So please, if you like what you're reading on this blog, share it on Facebook, tell your friends by mouth, or use the handy little email button at the bottom of each post. 

There should hopefully be another installment posted by the end of this weekend. Enjoy!

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